Pataki, Lerch Kocourek and he will whistle League

The new Panel of Judges Football Association of the Czech Republic no longer count for the professional competition with major JUDGE Tomas Kocourek, Andrew Lerch, Michal outsourced from Venca Patak and assistants on the lines of Robert Hajek and David Hocke. Everyone already missing among 70 invited to a seminar in Roznov, which in the coming days give final form of a list of arbitrators for the first and second division.

Chairman Miroslav Pelt FARC had earlier announced that the new commission led by Polish Michal Listkiewicz does not use the services of judges, whose reputation is tarnished and they do not trust the public.

Pataki, who was born as a gate for the European Championships, he made several Australian betting online controversial matches. Lerch has become especially fatal bout last season with Olomouc Pilsen, in which the player has not ruled out a second yellow card and subsequently covering all claiming that he gave the card to another player. Boy again mishandled conclusion of spring match between Dukla and Sparta.

„These judges, which Commission is grateful for their work in professional competitions and wishes a lot of personal and professional accomplishments were not invited to the seminar and will be available to regional commissions,” said Vice President of the Ground Jury Peter Mlsna in a press release by the FARC.

„Our only criterion was performance. We have carefully monitored the most discussed and the most problematic issues. The referee, who showed a long error, or even significantly influenced the course of the game, do not trust commission,” he added.

Instead, the new document may appear several newcomers. „We invited eighteen new judges, where we also rely on the recommendations of the steering committee of Bohemia and Moravia. Also they have already completed the physical and theoretical checks during the spring part of the season under the former committee of judges. Now in Rožnově undergo further tests and see how they will fare . If the performance prove to be ranked list, „he added pleasures.

Seminar in Roznov will take place from Wednesday to Friday, its content will be traditional tests of theoretical and physical preparedness. „If all judges will meet tests will be situated on a list of 70 referees. On Friday anyway announce the nominal composition of the list of arbitrators for domestic professional competitions,” he added pleasures.


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